The official route of the Aitana Tour 2024 will have a total distance of 155km and 3,133m of accumulated height gain.

This edition maintains the same route as the previous one, but we have made some changes following your suggestions:

– The section between Penáguila and the CV70 is eliminated, adopting the passage through Benifallim. It is a few kilometres more but with better asphalt and almost no gradient. We have improved safety.

– The closing of the race is extended until 17:00.

– The duration of the Coll de Rates refreshment post is extended.

– The start and finish line will be moved to the Polideportivo Municipal, with all showers, changing rooms and swimming pool facilities in the same area as the finish line.

– The location of the Expo zone is improved, with more participating companies and higher quality.

– We will have more security, more services and more volunteers.

You can see the whole route of the Aitana Tour on this page. Route meter, interactive map, GPX, race profile, port analysis and more data at your fingertips.

Gran Fondo

155 kms, 3,133 m+

Altimetry and profile of the Gran Fondo Aitana Tour

Perfil y altimetría Aitana Tour 2024

Gran Fondo Routometer

Below you can see the route of the Gran Fondo. All the crossings, milestones and points to keep in mind so you can check the route and be on the safe side.

Interactive route of the Gran Fondo

Watch video tour

Ports and chronos

Aitana Tour Official Time Trial

Port of Confrides

960 masl – Cat. 2

It is the first of the four passes to be climbed and will start 6 km after the start. It has a total distance of 20.5 kilometers through the beautiful valley of Guadalest and an average gradient of 3.60%, but with ramps that exceed 10%.

Port de Confrides

Timed section of the ascent to the pass of Confrides, starting 500 meters after the village of Confrides.

  • Distance: 3.2 Km
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 180m+
  • Average slope: 6.2%.
  • Maximum slope: 9.6%.

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Tramo cronometrado de Confrides
Crono port de Confrides

Port of Tudons

1024 masl – Cat. 2

It is a 5.4km slope, very popular in the Vuelta a España. It has an average gradient of 5.4% and tough ramps of 13% that will make participants squeeze like a real pro tour climber in the ascent of its +295m accumulated.

Port de Tudons

Timed section of the ascent to the Tudons pass starting in the town of Alcoleja, at kilometer 35.

  • Distance: 5.1 Km
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 295m+
  • Average slope: 6.7%.
  • Maximum slope: 10.0%.
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Crono Tudons

Port of Vall d'Ebo

575 masl – Cat. 3

With 160m of accumulated elevation gain and 3.5 km in total, this climb is one of the passes where all the World Tour teams train and test.  It has an average gradient of 5.5% with maximums reaching 7%.

Port de Vall d'Ebo

Timed section of the ascent to the pass of Vall d’Ebo, starting in Vall d’Ebo and finishing in the pass.

  • Distance: 3.5 Km
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 166m+
  • Average slope: 6.2%.
  • Maximum slope: 12.2%.

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Crono Vall dEbo

Coll de Rates Pass

628 masl – Cat. 2

It is one of the most mythical and traditional mountain passes of the international cycling scene. It has a total distance of 6.6 km and a cumulative elevation gain of +350m. Along the way we encounter ramps of 9% leading to an average gradient of 5.4%.

Port de Coll de Rates

Timed section of the ascent to the Coll de Rates pass, starting in Parcent and finishing in the pass.

  • Distance: 6.7 Km
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 350m+
  • Average slope: 6.7%.
  • Maximum slope: 14.1%.

Mountain Award by GSPORT.

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Crono escalada a Coll de Rates

Alto de Fageca

784 masl

With a total of 13.2km and +329m of accumulated elevation gain, it is a high point with a gradient of 8%.
maximum and with an average average slope of 1.8 %.

Alt de Fageca

Alto de Petracos

623 masl – Cat. 3

Through its wonderful scenery you will immerse yourself in a 5.8 km long pass with an average gradient of 5.9%. Its total elevation gain of 175m and its 8% slopes will make you immerse yourself in a unique forest.

Alt de Petracos

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