Description of the race

The Marcha Ciclodeportiva Aitana Tour is defined as non-competitive and consists of a race, the Gran Fondo Aitana Tour, of 145km and 2840m+. Several of the most emblematic mountain passes in Spain will be crowned, such as the Coll de Rates, the Puerto de Confrides, the Puerto de la Vall d’Ebo and the Puerto de Tudons.

The race is scoring in the Comunitat Valenciana‘s Road Cycling Touring Ranking .

The departure time will be at 7:30 am on June 4, 2023, being the departure and arrival at the facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative Ruchey, in Callosa d’en Sarrià, Alicante.

The March will have a total average speed of approximately 25 km/h, except in the time zones where the speed will be free, so its approximate duration will be between 4 and 8 hours. The March will end at 16:30h.
During the march you will have the following services available:
  • Medical assistance. Three type C ambulances (advanced life support) will be present throughout the course.
  • Mechanical assistance: We will have three mechanical assistance cars at the tail of the race and at the start/finish area.
  • Broom bus. If for any reason you put your foot down, you may end up on the march bus.
  • Provisions. You will have full refreshments so that your strength does not fail you and you can enjoy the march.

How to get there

The race will take place on Sunday, June 4, 2023 in Callosa d’en Sarrià, province of Alicante, in the heart of the Costa Blanca.

Both the departure and the arrival of the March will be in the grounds of the Agricultural Cooperative of Callosa d’en Sarrià, Nísperos Ruchey, Pda. Micleta, s/n, Road CV-755.

Road access is easy both from Benidorm and from Altea, taking the respective exits of the A7 freeway, although it is advisable to take exit 64 (Altea – Callosa d’en Sarrià) of the A7.


There will be no problem with parking. Several enclosures have been set up in the same departure/arrival area so that you can leave your vehicle with total peace of mind. In addition, there are 6 other parking lots in the town, so the service is more than covered.

Everything will be perfectly signposted and both the Municipal Police and private security, Civil Protection and our volunteer staff will be able to tell you where to park if you have any doubts.

Aparcamientos y servicios Aitana Tour

Pick up your bib number

The collection of the race bib, the identification bracelet and the runner’s bag will take place in the Expo area of Ruchey, a few meters from the start, at the following time:

  • Saturday 3/06/2023, from 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. uninterruptedly.
  • Sunday 4/06/2023 from 06:00 hours until 07:15 hours.

To pick up the bib and the identification bracelet it is mandatory to present the ID and the R.F.E.C. license for federated cyclists and the ID for non-federated cyclists.

Runner’s bag

In it you will find the official jersey, mandatory to participate in the March. A high quality garment, specially designed for Aitana Tour by GSPORT

In addition, you will find gourmet products based on loquat and tourist and cultural information about the area, and we will include a list of recommended places to eat.

And of course, thanks to Victory Endurance you will find a complete set of top quality sports nutrition products.

Bicycle parking

We will have a bicycle parking guarded in an enclosed area guarded by private security, to which you can only access to pick up your bike after accreditation with your identification bracelet. This way, you can eat in peace, go to the changing rooms or take a dip in the swimming pool of the Municipal Sports Center with total peace of mind.

Showers, changing rooms and swimming pool

You will be able to change and shower at the Sports Center facilities, which have changing rooms and showers with hot water.

And as it is already hot in June, the municipal swimming pool will be ready if you want to take advantage and take a refreshing swim.

Zonas Ruchey


The March will provide you with seven refreshment stations, three with liquids and solids, and four with liquids, all of quality, with natural products of proximity and sports supplementation from Victory Endurance. In addition to the final refreshment station at the finish line, where you can replenish your strength and take your lunch. All this thanks to Knoweats, which will provide you with all its experience in events and nutrition.

Avituallamiento Coll de Rates
Avituallamiento Coll de Rates

Bicycle workshop

We will have three mechanical assistance cars during the ride and a permanent installation at the start/finish area, so any incident with your bike will be covered.

Photo booth and photographic service

Our partner Sport Prix will set up a photo booth so you can take a picture with your friends and your bikes. In addition, he will take care of a small photographic report for those of you who wish to do so.

Expo area

In the Ruchey area there will be several tents with companies that will show you their products. You will be able to see the novelties in materials and services oriented to the world of cycling, together with gastronomic and handicraft products produced in the area. You can see more information in this link Zona Expo.

Rules of the race

You can read the full text of the regulations on the page Regulations
We are waiting for you at the starting line

It will certainly be a great experience. Don’t let them tell it to you.